Leaky Gut is a Thing!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Is this you? You wake up feeling light. Then a few hours after lunch you begin to feel the gas building in your belly. Here it comes, the dreaded daily bloat. Your belly becomes so hard and distended that it takes your breath. You're absolutely miserable.

Girlfriend, I KNOW that excruciating feeling all too well. LIVED IT FOR YEARS. Oh it’s IBS they said. Well no shit. I said. I didn’t need anyone to tell my bowls were irritable. I was living it.

Here is what I know now.

Leaky Gut is a thing.

- It's a thing that causes bloating, gas, constipation, loose stool, fluid retention, brain fog, metabolism/immune issues, brain fog, and joint pain (just to name a few).

-It’s a thing that is caused by an unhealthy diet, alcohol, stress, lifestyle, environmental toxins, and medications such as acid blockers, anti inflammatories, antibiotics, and birth control.

The above causes small holes in the gut wall allowing undigested food particles, bacteria, yeast, parasites, proteins, and even excess metabolized estrogen into the bloodstream. To put it bluntly- its poison in the bloodstream. Next an immune response is triggered and the poisons are then able to land on the thyroid, the joints and other parts of the body which eventually leads to autoimmune dis-eases.

Whoa is right, friend! BUT there is a solution. You must rebalance the gut and seal up that gut wall. And I promise your life will be dramatically changed.

If you're ready to finally have some answers and stop living with the misery of gut issues, let’s talk. Head to the link in my bio to grab you a spot on my schedule, so we can figure out the right plan for you to finally start feeling better. You deserve it!

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